*Colums in english: The fake vacations

trabajo_vacaciones-e1342122288241Whenever I´m out of the office for vacations I never seem to get absolutely desconnected. I wonder if there has been one day of the year when I just forgot all about work and enjoy 24 hours of anything else. I´m always thinking of what is there left to do and what will come next, and then I just get to the several amount of earrings and unsolved matters that no one took care of, as if I was not in my legal vacation.

Actually, people act more like I failed to get to my desk and do stuff so it´s my problem, when I did leave everything in order after I went away for a period of time in which, obviously, new things happened and someone else needed to deal with them.

There are always some works that only you can respond for, but it bothers me that no office in the world would create a vacation system where people can go and come back without hundreds of emails, envelopes and messages furiously waiting. ¿Why should I take responsibility for all of them as if I had been in prison? ¡I was on my vacations!RECARGATRABAJO1-300x299

There´s no cushion or replacement procedure that prepares everything so that the person coming in can simply start working again, without being considerably behind schedule. The question is obvious; ¿how can you really rest if you know for sure you´ll come back to a mountain of duties that can´t be ignored? And you know you will be pointed at if no one does something soon.

This is how I never totally stop checking my email or feel forced to give my WhatsApp to clients or people who just can´t seem to handle it if you are not there. I think this is an abuse that has to stop, mainly if workers do take care of everything that will happen onwards when they leave. But a thing to be said; you should not have to solve now things that you know will happen but would require you to work on them, because that would make the period before vacation a living hell, trying to advance work and doing double amount of tasks. The day has only some number of hours.

¿Who can organize nice holidays at the same time that leaving everything that will happen ready? ¿A night owl? Probably, but with no double salary. Yes I know; it´s hard out there and no one wants to loose their jobs, so you better get to work.

A lot has been said from experts in health about enjoyng time out, not burning us with work and trying to balance life, but no one can´t freely speek about the impossibilities of doing descargaso, when every time you go away you end up working with internet and smartphones. Lets suppose you do get the chance to talk about it with your nice boss, with whom you had built a good relationship, ¿will he hire someone to replace you while you are gone? ¿Will he assume you are lazy, troubled or taking advantage of your relationship with him?

Only you know. And we know you will not talk about it.

If you know a system that works for making people take vacations and really enjoy them, write us about it.


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